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Memory Foam Pillow 2 x (Twin Pack) Traditional Shape

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Memory Foam Pillow 2 x (Twin Pack) Traditional Shape
Twin Pack - Full Size
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  • Size - Each pillow is 46cm length x 74cm width x 15cm height (19" X 29") approx , standard uk size
  • Hypo Allergenic - Ideal For Allergy And Asthma Sufferers
  • Firmness Rating: Medium/Firm
  • Each pillow comes with a washable zip-off velour cover
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh which prevents the common house dust mite, mildew and bacteria

A high density, slow recovery, temperature sensitive memory foam developed for NASA provides exceptional, contouring support. Plus, this amazing material responds to your body heat and conforms to you, relieving pressure areas and improving comfort. Memory foam clusters are made with the same viscoelastic foam used by NASA. Our unique process utilizes micro clusters to create a luxury pillow that is in balance with the way you sleep. A more restful, comfortable night's sleep!