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Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Double 1
£39.95 RRP £49.95
Double 3
£74.95 RRP £84.95
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UK Standard Double Bed Size: 135cm x 190cm


What are Memory Foam Toppers?

  • The memory foam mattress topper is based on NASA technology which is state of the art, and made from unique Visco elastic foam.
  • The memory foam moulds itself to your body which will relieve any pressure points, and distributes your weight evenly across the mattress. 
  • Memory foam has become the flavor of the day in bedding lately, and with good reason - there just is no other sleep surface which responds to your body's weight and shape like memory foam. Adding a memory foam mattress topper to your existing mattress can really change and improve the quality of your sleep

What Are The Benefits of Memory Foam Toppers ?

  • Memory foam toppers have so many advantages and one of them is that it will fit very easily in to your current lifestyle.
  • Memory foam toppers are easy to use and easily affordable too. You do not need to buy a whole new mattress to benefit from the great rest memory foam can give you.
  • Memory foam contours to the body shape of whoever is lying on it,because of this the person lying on it moves less as a comfortable position is easily found. This means a better sleep for both parties!
  • A memory foam topper is a slice of foam which will lie on top of your current mattress.
  • A topper can give the same benefits as a complete new mattress. It holds your body shape just like a mattress, it adjusts to body temperature too.

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